1996 afa national convension


Bird Lovers and experts1 Meet at the

.Avian Species from .Asia

Come early and join the fabulous tours:

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco Zoo Reception, Downtown San Francisco, California Academy of Sciences, Martini Winery, Marine World/Africa U.S.A.

and Psittacine Research Project at U.C.Davis


Mingle With World Renowned Avian Specialists including:

Rosemary Low (England), Brian Speer, D. V.M. (USA, California) Luis Baptista, Ph.D. (USA, California)

Alan Lieberman (USA, Hawaii)

Matthew M. Vriends, Ph.D. (Holland)

and other featured speakers.


Join the Seminars with some of the top USA experts.

Finch and Softbill Seminar, Pet Bird Behavior Seminar Don't Miss the Fun and Excitement of the Grand Raffles and Drawings. Many Fabulous and Expensive Prizes including a variety of exotic birds.