Bird Lovers of Texas Benefit AFA


November 2nd 1996 saw the first 'The Day of the Birds" seminar/bird fair sponsored by the Bird Lovers of Texas. This idea (to put on a special money-raising affair to benefit the AFA) originated with jean Jordan of Adventures ·Jn Birds, Houston, Texas and blossomed into a large, successful, funfilled event with the help a dedicated group of bird enthusiasts including Kathy and Robert Jackson of Friendly Feathers Farm, Kevin Burch and jack Mahry of Tropica, Jane and Albert Sralla of Simply for the Birds, David Hughes of Adventures In Birds, Dr. Dan Jordan of Animal & Avian Hospira I of the Village and Dr. Stephen Fronefield of Aladdin Animal and Bird Clinic.

There were nationally recognized speakers all of whom donated their time for this event. Robert]. Berry spoke on AFA's objectives, Rick Jordan on avian pediatrics, Dr. Darrel Styles on nursery management, Dr. David Phalen on viral diseases of birds and Dr. Susan Clubb discussed newer diseases that are heing encountered in avian medicine. They joined for a panel question-and-answer session afterward then all adjourned to the fair/raffle.

We had great response from many individuals and companies who donated goods for the raffle. We also had a beautiful collection of birds that were being raffled. A Hahn's Macaw, Timneh African Greys, an Eleonora Cockatoo and a Blue and Gold Macaw were donated by the sponsoring members and generated great interest and revenues. The weekend closed out with Dr. Clubb presenting the PIJAC avian certification seminar on Sunday, which was attended by around 100 people. After the dust settled, we managed to raise $8150 for the AFA in what turned out to he a super day for the bird lovers of Texas and across the country. +