Why I Became a Life Member of AFA


Awonderful opportunity is now available from AFA - the Life Membership. Through the efforts of James Hawley and Bruce Winter (no relation to me) the details of such a membership were established. I have seen Life Memberships in other organizations fail economically. This one has been very well thought out. The fact that 70% of the money goes into an endowment, never to be touched is the key. Had it gone to fund a special project, years would go by, the project long forgotten, and the membership rolls would still have free subscription obligations forever. The $700 portion will be enough to fund a membership even at a very low interest rate.

A $1000 expenditure is one I look at very carefully. I am probably not a typical Life Member. However, I feel compelled, obligated, obsessed with sharing the reason I chose this option.

First, I have never been famous, partly because I have never done anything really amazing. And, likewise, I've never done anything really stupid enough for the news media to talk about it incessantly. I do get criticized at a lot; but, I'll bet you didn't know that.

By becoming a Life Member of AF A, I gain instant fame for a reasonable sum of money. I can now print it on my business card, I'll be on computer lists in the AF A business office; and people will talk behind my back. At a minimum, people will think I did something really great or really stupid; they just won't remember which. How else could you ever get lasting fame for less money? Maybe I'll develop a pompous attitude. I always wanted to do that. I might even get a Tee Shirt with the words, "You can't impress me. I am a Life Member of AFA" emblazoned on the front.


The AF A is a fine organization. It will be around forever. As an organization, its agenda cuts through the fluff and places a focus on the important issues. Educating about legislative issues and bird welfare are at the top of the list. AFA does not appear to get


bogged down with special accomplish-nothing-but-we-had-fun-doing-it type projects.

So, if you are considering a Life Membership with AF A, hopefully my comments will reinforce your decision and you'll move on it now. +