Amazona Society


The Amazona Society is a well-respected organization that was founded in 1984 by the late James]. Murphy and Jan Roger van Oosten. The Amazona Society is a world class association of international aviculturists organized for the purpose of responsible aviculture for the genus Amazona. Additionally, Amazona Society supports Amazona conservation activities of other groups. It also provides leadership, communication and scientific/ technical data to their members as well as to the general public.

The Amazona Society was created and is dedicated to the following goals: • Building self-sustaining captivebred populations of as many species possible in the genus Amazona.

• Disseminate avicultural and scientific information on the genus Amazona to all members and other interested parties through Amazona Quarterly magazine;

• Take a periodic census of the captive population of the genus Amazona,

• Reintroduce threatened Amazona species when there is a self-sustaining captive breeding population and when protected reserves in their active habitats have been secured;

• Assist, where possible, the preservation of the genus Amazona in the wild.

The Amazona Society publishes a wonderful magazine Amazona Quarterly. The purpose of this magazine is to educate, enlighten, entertain and share useful information on the genus Amazona. It contains many articles written by knowledgeable members and by field biologists. They document an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience not found elsewhere.

Amazona Quarterly features articles on breeding, companion bird training, cage, flight, and nest-box construction, feeding, conservation, Amazon ecotour locations, hand-rearing, parent rearing, sources for reasonably priced and hard to find bird related items, overall management, plus a periodic census of baby Amazons produced by our members.

Additionally, a "For Sale & Wanted" classified section is included which is free to members for ads concerning Amazon species and related supplies.

The Amazona Society has a very informative and easy to use web-site. In addition to basic information about the genus Amazona and the Society, they also offer helpful Members /Species Profiles. They also have Regional Advisors and an "Ask the Experts" column available to help people with their questions.

The Amazona Society sponsored the internationally-renowned aviculturist Brian Eddy at this year's American Federation of Aviculture convention. Mr. Eddy has...