International Parrotlet Society


The International Parrotlet Society (IFS) was founded in 1992 by group of parrotlet owners and breeders to promote the proper care, breeding, exhibition, and conservation of parrotlets. The first IFS meeting was held at the American Federation of Aviculture convention in Miami during August of 1992. IFS has certainly come a long way from when those first 16 people met and decided to form this organization.

IPS is proud to state that it now has over 700 members in 13 different countries and is one of the largest specialty organizations in the world. IFS is affiliated with many avicultural organizations including the American Federation of Aviculture, Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors, Bird Clubs of America, and the North American Parrot Society.

Members receive a bimonthly newsletter produced by parrotlet owners and breeders with help from veterinarians, researchers, and conservationists. Each issue is broken down into three categories: pet care and training, breeder information, and general parrotlet husbandry. Each newsletter contains a different color photograph of a species or color mutation parrotlet. Classified advertising is free to members.

IPS members also receive and can be listed in a membership/breeder directory at no charge. The International Parrotlet Society also has a free traceable banding system that allows members to trace birds back to their original breeder. An annual survey is taken regarding all aspects of parrotlet ownership with the information reported in the newsletter. IPS also sponsors cooperative breeding programs for rare species parrotlets. IPS members meet twice a year at the American Federation of Aviculture convention and the National Cage Bird Show.

IPS encourages the showing of parrotlets and has written standards by which parrotlets will be judged. These standards have been adopted by both the Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors and the North American Parrot Society. IPS also presents awards for the Best Parrotlet and Best Novice Parrotlet in Show at both the Great American Bird Show and the National Cage Bird Show.

IPS sponsored Sandee L. Molenda to speak about parrotlets at the American Federation of Aviculture's convention that took place in Los Angeles during August, 2000. IPS also held its own annual membership meeting at the convention and...