Convention Fun L.A. 2000


The AF A Convention 2000 in Los Angeles was one of the most enjoyable of all the conventions - everyone had FUN. There were a lot of activities hithertofore never seen at an AF A convention with just a few of them depicted here in photos with more photos to come later.

At a board meeting in Phoenix almost a year before the convention, the idea for a fundraising "Wine Tasting Challenge" came up and President Benny Gallaway issued the challenge which was taken up by Northern California's Bany Wold. There it was - Texas wines versus California wines. All wine to be donated with proceeds from the contest going into the AF A coffers. There was a modest entrance fee with Dwight Greenberg holding the moneybag at the door. Dwight's looming hulk encouraged large donations while discouraging, nay, eliminating gate-crashers. Nearly $600 was collected. The skilled judges rendered their decision regarding the winner. Ask Benny.

Perhaps the outstanding highlight of the convention was the presence of many of the AF A's past presidents. They were both praised and teased hy three of southern California's finest celebrities - Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, and the Duke himself, John Wayne (superbly carried off by three of Hollywood's best impersonators). Indeed, the three celebrities made a great hit with all the attendees and wandered about after the hilarious skit to mingle and share photo ops with the guests. In coming issues you'll see more. The gig was instigated hy our creative president Gallaway.