Meet the Eckctus Group


F ormed in early 2000, the Eclectus Group was formalized last May to bring together the Eclectus breeders, provide a site for data on the keeping and breeding of Eclectus Parrots, and to establish a discussion list for information sharing. This group is managed by a Board of Directors: Constance Bacon, Joe Baker, David Ivey, Cathy Kelly, and Gloria Scholbe, and chaired by Laurella Desborough. Graham Taylor of Australia is Overseas Consultant. Brian Speer, DVM is Veterinary Advisor. At present there are 69 members in the group.

The Mission Statement of the Eclectus Group is to provide members with reliable information on diet, housing, husbandry, health, disease, subspecies identification, and management.

Their goals: Interface with the American Zoo Association/Private Bird Cooperative Working Groups as a representative for the Eclectus subspecies, and work to preserve the purity of the subspecies in captivity.

The Eclectus Group's special projects include:

• Internet discussion list for breeders.

• Creation of a web-site presenting reliable information.

• Promotion of the sale and purchase of weaned babies only.

• Future sale of Eclectus Group logo pins.


Information on the Eclectus Group web-site includes comparison studies of Eclectus subspecies in tables and photographs. Photos include comparisons of pairs, heads, profiles, tails, and juveniles. The Eclectus Group is always looking for good photos of pure subspecies to include on this site.

Articles on diet, nutrition, grooming (wing clipping), breeding, behavior, natural habitat and geography, nursery management, stunted babies resulting from inexperienced hand-feeders, as well as many other problems and experiences are presented.

Selected topics from the discussion list are included on the web-site including feather abnormalities, toetapping, etc.

A list of members (who choose to be listed) is also available on the website as well as a "sales" and "wanted" page for members.





For more information, check out the Eclectus Group's web-site:

http:/ / eclectusgrp/files

The web-site is designed and maintained by Gloria Scholbe. Membership information may be obtained from Gloria at 920-826-7478 or email: