AFA Convention, San Antonio, 2003


Two of the speakers at the convention char at the San Antonio Zoo. Dr. John O'Neill (left) is a very interesting fetlow and has many stories to tell about his field work in Peru. Indeed, I believe he is credited with discovering more new species of birds than any other living person. And Jerry Jennings is the founding father of the A FA and has one of the largest collection of toucans, aracaris and toucanettes in the world. And he has about 7 first breeding awards.


While Brent Andrus was the chairman of the Membership Committee (at the same time serving as Chairman of the Publications Committee and Western Regional Director), he instituted "Soar Like an Eagle," a contest between all the AFA affiliated bird organizations whereby the clubs gaining the most members for the AFA are recognized with an award and AFA Watchbird pictures of the club representatives receiving the awards. This resulted in a number of new AFA members and has been a great boost to the organization. many thanks are due to Brent for his diligent efforts and also to those affiliated club members who did the recruiting.