TO SOAR WITH EAGLES Membership Contest 2002


T he American Federation of Aviculture's membership drive will allow it's affiliated clubs to earn money while striving for excellence in gaining membership for AFA. Each club can earn up to $5 for each new member they recruit and for each member they get to renew

The TOP CLUB in recruiting new and renewing members will


receive recognition in the official journal of AFA the Watchhird. The TOP CLUB will be awarded a plaque and have its name inscribed on the President's trophy which will be on display at the AFA conventions. The picture of the AFA President awarding the TOP CLUB the trophy will appear in the AFA Watchhird. In addition, the 2nd and 3rd place clubs will also be awarded plaques


and be recognized in the Watchbird. There are two categories of awards - one for clubs under 50 members and one for clubs over 50 members.

In a similar contest held in 1997 the winning club, The Las Vegas Avicultural Society, won by recruiting and renewing 17 members. In 2001 the winning club, Arizona Seed Crackers, had to recruit and renew 22 members. Who knows what the number for 2002 will be. When the Arizona Seed Crackers accepted their 2001 award at the convention in Tampa Bay, one of their Club Delegates, Jim Hawley, brashly declared that the Arizona Seed Crackers would win again in 2002 and no other club could come close.

Full contest details have been mailed to all Club Delegates and State Coordinators. If your club has not heard about this contest contact your Club Delegate, State Coordinator, or Regional Director. Or you can contact the Director of Membership, Brent Andrus, at 702- 732-1281 or email:

The name of this contest, TO SOAR WITH EAGLES, is certainly fitting as we are all interested in birds. The eagle has always symbolized majesty and high obtainment. This contest gives each of us the opportunity to rise above the ordinary. Please accept this challenge to soar above the world and overcome barriers that have caused others to falter and fail. Be decisive where others have hesitated. Be a leader and an inspiration like the majestic Eagle.

Perhaps John Denver put it best in his song The Eagle and The Hawk:

"I am the Eagle. I live in high country, in rocky cathedrals that

reach to the sky Come dance with

the west wind and touch on the mountain tops. Sail over the canyons and up to the stars. And reach for the heavens and hope for the future and all that you can be and not what you are."