the International Parrot let Society


t: International Parrotlet Society's purpose is promote interest and education in parrotlets.

his includes their care, reproduction, exhibition and conservation both in captivity and preservation

in the wild. IPS was founded in 1992 by a handful of aviculturists dedicated to these unique and amazing little parrots. Since then, we have grown to include more than 700 members in 13 different countries and are one of the largest and most respected specialty organizations in the world.

Shortly after IPS was formed, Congress was debating the Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992. This Act restricted the importation of ALL birds into the United States to only include birds on the Approved List for Import or involved in approved Cooperative Breeding Programs. IPS members sent hundreds of letters to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service that resulted in color mutation parrotlets being placed on the Approved List for Import. IPS was the only organization that successfully had birds placed on the Approved List. IPS also worked with importers to make these new color mutations available to any IPS member that was interested in them. Because of this, there are many color mutations now available in the United States. IPS

also sent representatives to Washington where they helped to defeat more restrictive legislation including mandatory leg banding and reporting of birds to the Federal government. IPS will always work to protect the interests of its members from unnecessary government intrusion.


Members of the IPS receive a host of wonderful benefits. We produce a fantastic bimonthly journal with each issue featuring a photograph of a different species or mutation of parrotlet. Each journal is 36 pages long, not including ads, and is broken down

into general parrotlet, breeder and pet information so there is something for everyone. Classified advertising is free to members and is also published on our website. Each member also receives a complimentary IPS Breeders Directory. Members who are breeders are listed at no charge. We also take an annual survey of both our pet owners and breeders with all information published in our journal. IPS members meet twice a year at the National Cage Bird Shows and the American Federation of Aviculture conventions held around the country.


IPS also has a free band registration system that is available to all members. This allows people to get in contact with the breeders of their birds. We also sell

IPS leg bands to members. These bands allow these parrotlets to be traced to the breeder so histories and pedigrees can be obtained. These bands are also recognized by the Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors and the North American Parrot Society to earn points in their shows.

IPS believes strongly in conservation and is involved in various activities including sponsoring breeding cooperatives for the very rare Mexican and Yellow Face parrotlets. We are also involved in the American Zoo Association/Private Aviculturists Bird Cooperative Project and are affiliated with the American Federation of Aviculture,

Bird Clubs of America, Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors and the International Aviculturists Society. In fact, IPS has sponsored speakers at many American Federation of Aviculture conventions over the years. IPS is also affiliated with several other parrotlet associations including the Nederlandse Forpussen Club and Vlaamse Forpusvereniging in Europe. Recently, I PS has been contacted by the much respected American Bird Conservancy to become involved in field research studies for Yellow Face parrotlets in Peru.

IPS believes that all parrotlets are important, not just the rare species and mutations. That is why IPS has formed a Rescue Committee to place unwanted and abused parrotlets in good, safe, permanent homes. Members of IPS, who meet the standards and guidelines, may adopt these unfortunate parrotlets and give them a new lease on life with a new family. IPS is the only specialty bird organization that offers this service.

IPS has also been at the forefront of veterinary research and recently raised more than $3, 100 for research on mega bacteria at Texas A & M University. This research will be of great benefit to all birds, not just parrotlets. IPS will be working with Texas A&M on other veterinary concerns, including establishing normal blood panels and the effects of Baytril on parrotlets.


The IPS believes in the value of exhibiting parrotlets and has formulated Standards for judging parrotlets that have been adopted by the Society of Parrot Breeders of Exhibitors and the North American Parrot Society. Also, IPS will soon be certifying judges for accreditation in judging parrotlets. In addition, the International Parrotlet Society offers awards

at both the Great American and National Cage Bird Show for the Best Parrotlet and Best Novice Parrotlet in Show.