Magnolia Bird Farm


Author's Note

The short history that follows is not intended as an advertisement for Magnolia Bird Farm, but to give the readers a little background on the stores because they play such a major role in the daily lives of Frank Miser Jr., his family and the aviculturists and pet owners who depend on Magnolia Bird Farm for supplies and information.

The Magnolia Bird Farm was established in 1955 by Frank Miser Sr., and is celebrating its 55th year in business. The first store was a two-and-a-half-acre chicken ranch on the corner of Magnolia and Cerritos avenues, in Anaheim, Cali£ The second store was built in 1988, and is located on Magnolia Avenue between Pierce and Buchanan in Riverside, Cali£ It's owned and operated by Frank Jr. with his wife ,Lori, and their children. It's a real family business and all of them are deeply involved in every aspect of aviculture.

The Riverside store hosts tours for school children. About 2,500-3,000 kids a year get to see and learn about birds. This is a unique experience for these kids, and it's only available at the bird farm because no school or zoo offers an equivalent opportunity. I always enjoy looking at the thank you notes and drawings by the children, posted on the bulletin board in the hall at the store. You can tell the children were inspired and really paid attention by the detail in their drawings.

Approximately 300 Cal Poly Pomona and Mt. Sac veterinary students visit the bird farm each year to learn more about exotic birds. They get hands-on experience in general care, catching birds, clipping wings, feeding and housing during the program.

Visitors are encouraged to wander through the outdoor aviaries displaying the birds for sale, or look through the glass into the nursery and see the chicks being handfed. Young, handfed and fully weaned birds are often available to interact with near the nursery. There are several areas where visitors can get a close look at common and rare species. There are both aviary and pet birds on display. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and willing to share information.

If you are new to birds, you can learn a lot by visiting this store. Not only will you get information on care, but also you can find out what species may be best suited for you and your family. Most pet stores don't have the large variety of species, or the experience to share with customers, which makes the Magnolia Bird Farm one-of-a-kind.

Aviculture is near and dear to Frank Jr.'s heart and he makes a special effort to cater to other breeders. His store is filled with just about every product you could ever need or want, including welded wire, special nesting materials, custom seed mixes for breeders, carriers, cages, nest boxes, perches ... the list goes on and on. The Orange County store is still in operation, but most of the breeder business is focused at the Riverside store.