AFA 2010 convention speakers


Keynote Speaker: Benny J. Gallaway, Ph.D.
(Note: Speakers subject to change without notice)
daniel Almaguer
Victoria Crowned Pigeons (Goura victoria)
Johanna “Jeleen” Briscoe, dvM, dABvP (Avian)
The Animal Welfare Act and Birds—An Update
laurie e. Baker
Avian Geriatrics—Birds Get Old, Too
Josee Bermingham, (sponsored by hagen
Avicultural research institute)
• Seizing the Moment at the “Fledgling Age”
• Troubleshooting Infertility Through Individual
Breeding Pair Assessment
Johanna “Jeleen” Briscoe, dvM, dABvP (Avian)
The Animal Welfare Act and Birds—An Update
Jenifer chatfield, dvM
Zoonotic Influenzas—Is the Sky Falling?
Julie corwin
(sponsored by northwest lory league)
Nursery Techniques—The Past and the Present
Jason crean, (sponsored by the Avicultural
society of chicagoland)
Tea for ‘Toos—and Other Birds, Too!
Michael dalton
Beyond “Polly Wants a Cracker”
caroline efstathion
• Preventing Bacterial Infections in Aviary Birds
• Microscopy for the Aviculturist
Madeleine Franco
Fat and Magical Bird Toys in a Lean Economy
Walt Frey, Ph.d.
Keeping Parrots Outdoors in Colder Climates
Benny J. Gallaway, Ph.d. (sponsored by the
caique enthusiasts)
The Blue and Gold Macaw
lara Joseph
Empowerment, Choice, Control, Complexities and
Their Effects on our Birds’ Behavior

loraKim Joyner, dvM, MPvM. M.div.
Wild Psittacine Chick and Nest Assessment in
Central America
lawrence e. Killmar, Ph.d., (sponsored by tampa’s
lowry Park Zoo)
Shoebill Stork (Balaeniceps rex) First Hatching
in North America at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo
denise lacazette and Julie corwin
Living with the Big Four—PDD, PBFD, Polyoma
and Psittacosis
cassie Malina/steve Martin, (sponsored by
natural encounters, inc.)
The S.E.C.R.E.T. of Training Birds
sandee Molenda, c.A.s.
Aviculture’s Future—Our Challenges and How
We Can Triumph
hildegard niemann
Pet Parrot Ownership in the Future
Jean Pattison
Nest, Nursery and the New Home
robin shewokis
Enrichment for Breeding Pairs—A Three-Year
Study from Three Facilities
daniel sigmon,Ph.d., and heidi Good, Ph.d.
Naturalized Quaker Parrots, The Carolina Conure
and Reconciliation Ecology
darrel K. styles, dvM, Ph.d.
Association of Avian Bornavirus with
Proventricular Dilatation Disease
roger G. sweeney
• Ground Hornbills
• Techniques for Pairing and Mate Selection
for Parrots
Jafet velez-valentin, M.s.
Update on Puerto Rican Parrot Recovery Program
Genny Wall, J.d., Attorney-at-law
Legislative Update
Kevina Williams, (sponsored by hagen Avicultural
research institute)
Use of Clay in Aviculture