2011 Super 8 Raffle Prizes and Tickets


Support the AFA and win one of these great prizes!

Drawing donations: $2 per ticket, $20 for 12 tickets. Deadline: Mail-in tickets must be received by AFA by July 15, 2011, to be entered in the drawing. Onsite purchases and hand-carried tickets may be deposited at the Convention any time up to moment of drawing. AFA is a 50l(c)3 educational organization. For additional tickets, contact: AFA, P.O. Box 91717 • Austin, TX 78709 • Tel: (512) 585-9800 •

Fax: (512) 858-7029 • afaoffice@earthlink.net or visit us online at www.afabirds.org. Additional tickets may also be printed from the website.