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Babbling Birds

An Anthology of Poems About Parrots


Just published-the first and only anthology of its kind, a very special book for parrot lovers.

Babbling Birds: An Anthology of Poems about Parrots, From Antiquity to the Present was compiled, with an eight-page introduction, by David L. O'Neal.

The book contains 101 poems by 89 poets, including the poetry of Ovid, Statius, Crinagoras, Tu Fu, Han-shan, Po Chi-I, Zhu Quingyu, John Skelton, Thomas Campbell, Wordsworth, Gresset, Rafli, Rilke, Eliot, Wodehouse, Wallace Stevens, Sacheverell Sitwell, Weldon Kees, John Ashberry, John Kinsella and many others.

Babbling Birds is 158 pages, with 20 color illustrations and one black and white illustration.

David O'Neal, who lives in San Francisco, is a retired rare book dealer now enjoying a second career as a writer, especially of poetry.

In addition to previous professional writing about rare books, book collecting and bibliography, his recent creative work has been published in various literary magazines and anthologies, such as Vision Magazine, The Lyric, Mississippi Crow, The Marin Poets Anthology, Two Hawks ~arterly and, of interest to aviculturists, Bird Keeper (Great Britain), Bird Keeper (Australia) and The Magazine of the Parrot Society of the UK

He has also published a book about his Yellow-collared Macaw, Streak, The Parrot Who Loves Me. Streak and Babbling Birds are available for purchase through his website,, or by contacting him at davidl