The Quaker Parakeet Society


The Quaker Parakeet Society (QPS), a 501 (c)(3) society, is unique in that it is primarily internet based. It has thrived since its beginnings in 1999. Members are Quaker Parakeet breeders, owners and conservationists. QPS is composed of an elected Board of Directors and several committees with Chairs as follows:

Newsletter Committee: The Newsletter Committee publishes a quarterly journal, THE SENTINEL, which is included in yearly membership dues. Back issues are available to the public. THE SENTINEL averages 60 pages per issue and is the only publication devoted exclusively to Quaker Parakeets. Contributors to the SENTINEL are professional and hobbyist writers, avian behaviorists, Quaker breeders, enthusiasts and owners. Each year THE SENTINEL sponsors the Fledgling Author Contest for QPS member amateur writers.

QPSRAPP (Quaker Parakeet Society Rescue and Placement): This subcommittee of QPS is an entirely free placement service for Quakers in need of new and permanent homes. RAPP consists of over 200 volunteers across the U.S. and Canada and averages 4 placements per month. As QPS is internet based, RAPP can communicate rapidly between commit-

tee, relinquishing owners, adopting, fostering, and transporting volunteers without the burden of stafChg and funding a central facility. RAPP works cooperatively with programs such as The Gabriel Foundation, Polly Wanna Rescue, Fauna and Flora, and others.

RAPP Support is a mentoring program. Experienced RAPP adopting volunteers mentor and support trst time adopting volunteers who may be having difC::Culty adjusting adopted Quakers to their new surroundings, and/or help fellow adopting volunteers modify unwanted behavior that an adopted Quaker may have brought into the new surroundings. There are owners who contact RAPP with the intention of placing their Quaker with a RAPP volunteer because they are experiencing diftculties in their relationship with their companion and do not know how to go about modifying unwanted behaviors that the bird may have developed. In many cases, with RAPP mentor support, education, and resources, owner-Quaker relationship and understanding between bird and owner improves substantially, allowing the Quaker to remain in its original home.

QPSERC (Education and Research): A primary goal of our society is to make educational information easily available to Quaker owners, future Quaker owners, and the public. QPS literature is distributed at avian events and at facilities, such as veterinary ottces, humane facilities, and to rescue and placement programs. Basic but extensive Quaker information and resources are also available on the QPS website at:

Quaker Parakeet Discussion List: This is one of the oldest and largest online mailing lists on the internet. While maintained Chancially by QPS, the QPList is open to the public.

Fundraising Committee and QPS Store: Raising money to fund QPS above and beyond yearly membership dues, the Fundraising Committee's efforts support the free services QPS offers to the public, such as QPSRAPP, the QPList and QPSERC. Projects revolve around creating new, exclusively QuakerD products for sale, including a yearly QPS calendar (this year, the calendar sported not only beautiful photos of Quakers, but each month also provided a Quaker educational tip), QPS pins, books, note cards, and various items located at the Cafe Press Quaker store. The Fundraising Committee holds rattes at the AFA conference and other venues. held at the annual AFA conference fund QPSsponsored, renowned speakers. Past Fund Raising Committee projects have even included E-bay auctions.