The Parrotlet Alliance, Inc.


The Parrotlet Alliance, Inc. is a growing organization with a membership of devoted and experienced parrotlet owners/breeders, as well as members who are just beginning their exposure to these precious birds. We were chartered in the fall of 2002, and continue to grow and evolve while sharing our love for parrotlets.

Our internet presence and support for our membership begins with our website,, which includes a membership chat list, a management mailing list, auction, a band registry, a shopping area and much more. We are constantly updating our web site to provide the membership and parrotlet lovers everywhere with a premier information/ communication medium. A breeder consortium is also being developed. Our rrst fund raising online auction received 696 bids on donated items and raised $2,663.97.

The organization's magazine, Forpus Lovers,

is a full color publication featuring articles

and photographs from club members, avian veterinarians, and renowned members of the avian community. We are proud that Forpus Lovers has become a self-sustaining asset which pays for itself through advertising content.

The Parrotlet Alliance, Inc. hold annual elections to put in place those who will guide the Alliance through each year. In addition, our volunteer base of members gives added support to all areas of the organization.

Our goals include providing information on the visual identitcation, proper care, responsible breeding and accepted rules for exhibition in national and local shows of all Forpus species; promoting through web site and online e-mail list involvement from members to share their views on the organization's management; generating funds to support avian and veterinary research projects related to the Forpus species; supporting captive breeding programs for the Forpus species and working cooperatively with other clubs and agencies to attain the stated purposes and goals.

We are an AFA afDiate and support the AFA by publishing all alerts, news and research information in the Forpus Lovers magazine. •