Book Review A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds


Title: A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds Author: Rosemary Low

Publisher: ABK Publications

This softbound book contains over 250 color photographs and includes 168 pages of comprehensive information covering a wide range of topics. It is divided into two segmentso the African grey in the wild and the African grey in captivity.

The first 30 pages of this book cover the history of the grey parrot and its life in the wild. A detailed analysis of the worldwide trade of this parrot is included. This analysis serves as a reminder to us in the United States that many species of parrots continue to be exported from their native countries. Another chapter is devoted to the recognized subspecies and physical characteristics of the African grey.

The remainder of this book is devoted to grey parrots in captivity. Topics related to breeding include accommodations for breeding pairs, breeding, artificial incubation and hand rearing. Avian geneticist Dr. Terry Martin explains the fascinating subject of color mutations in the grey parrot.

Contributing author Sonny Stollenmaier provides valuable insight involving the behavior of the grey parrot in the home. The chapters covering the grey as a companion bird include a description of the grey parrot personality and other chapters explain in detail the physical and emotional needs of this intelligent bird. Several pages are dedicated to problems that may arise in the pet home and the effects of human behavior on this sensitive parrot.


Avian veterinarian Nigel Harcourt-Brown authored the informative section covering diseases and disorders of the African grey and avian veterinarian Michael Stanford included an essential section relating to the disorders of calcium metabolism and the myriad problems encountered with this occurrence.

I have owned a Congo grey for over 20 years. A Guide to Grey Parrots is full of timely, relevant information useful to both breeders and pet owners. For both the first time owner and long time owner of an African grey, this book serves as an invaluable guide to a long and happy relationship with one of the most intelligent parrots in existence.

Nancy Speed

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