Wayne E. Smyth


As The American Federation of Aviculture meets in Los Angeles, California for our thirty-third annual convention, we celebrate “The Advancement of Aviculture”. For nearly fifteen years, Wayne E. Smyth has donated his time and talents with the creation of the AFA convention artwork. Wayne’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the globe and is highly recognized in the art community, both on exhibit and in private collections. Created with each brush stroke, his unparalleled depiction of birds astonishes the viewer with vibrant colors and natural expressions.
Wayne’s two separate works of art depicting the Scarlet Macaw will be evident throughout the convention. As has been our tradition, AFA will offer a one of one artist’s proof of each original painting at  the banquet’s closing auction, Saturday evening.

Both of these pieces of artwork are museum mounted and professionally framed, and will be on display for your viewing enjoyment. Please be sure to stop by the AFA Store in the Vendor Hall and say hello to Wayne,
thanking him for his generosity. ~ Wayne, we sincerely appreciate
your continued support of The American Federation of Aviculture and we are looking forward to seeing you again.