AFA Super 8 Prizes


(1) $800 Gift Certificate for ZuPreem® products donated by ZuPreem®

The history of ZuPreem® started with an idea ~ an idea whose time had come and an idea that would change the way we look at the role of nutrition in the lives of all animals. Through vision and innovation, the company has expanded

the original family ofZuPreem products to include

« a complete line of life-staqe diets for exotic birds that includes Embrace® Hand-Feedlnq Formulas, AvianWeaning™ Diet, AvianMaintenance FruitBlend™ and Natural Diets, AvianBreeder™ Diets, and Crunch® Treats. ZuPreem has the same  commitment today that it had more than 40 years  ago - the same commitment to the welfare of all animals in our worldwide community, the same commitment to state of-the-arts nutrition research and the same commitment to the highest quality standards of manufacturing and quality control.

(2) Framed Original Painting donated by Ga mini and Lisa Ratnavira Gamini Ratnavira was born and raised in Sri Lanka. As a self-tauqht artist he uses his photographic memory and life experiences to produce vibrant, colorful images of the rain forest flora and fauna, which are complimented with intriguing stories and research information about each painting. His paintings reveal his love for art coupled with an unrestrained,lifelong reverence for nature and animals.

After earning unequaled praise in his native land, Gamini moved to the United States where he continues a successful art career in Southern California. He is a member of the Society of Animal Artists and has exhibited with Birds in Art and Arts for the Parks Top 100 tours. Gamini has exhibited in shows across the United States and his work is now collected worldwide.Gamini escorted Prince Philip in the jungles of Sri Lanka and worked with him on the set of elephant postage stamps for Sri Lanka and the world wildlife fund. In all Gamini illustrated 38 postage stamps for the country. He has illustrated several species for Birdlife International. He was a member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Gamini's birdwatching list exceeds 4000 species. He illustrated several plates in the Field Guide to the Birds of Peru by Dr.James Clements.Gamini stayed with Sir Peter Scott and exchanged views of artwork at the wildfowl trust in England. Hehas traveled to over 36 countries researching endangered wildlife

(3) Belize Retreat donated by Carolyn and John Carr

A four-day Jungle Explorer package for two that includes meals, transfers,guides, fees and taxes (excluding alcoholic beverages and gratuities). A more complete description is available on the website at click on Packages and then Jungle Explorer. Airfare is not included. Situated on the peaceful Belize River and central to all of Belize, Banana Bank Belize Jungle Lodge Horseback Adventure is a place where horses roam free and huge iguanas laze in the branches above the bamboo. The land here is surrounded by evidence of both the ancient Maya and a historic logging tradition. Half of the 4,000 acres is pristine primary growth rainforest. The opportunity to encounter and feel the true spirit and atmosphere of this beautiful country is around every curve in the river and each fork of the jungle trail. John and Carolyn Carr, the owners and managers of Banana Bank, offer personal and hospitable accomrnodations with infinite activities. There are over 80 horses bred especially for the terrain and climate and they are trained using the Horse Whisperer method. Their quarter-horse mix bloodlines make them suitable for all levels of trail riding.A specialty is Jungle Horseback riding. Also available are day trips lncluding visiting Maya sites, caving, cave tubing, river trips, jungle walks, birding, star gazing, or simply relaxing and enjoying the grounds of the lodge. Banana Bank is a place far from the real world and near to the things you have dreamed of.

 (4) Stainless Steel Amazon Cage

donated by Carmen Daily-Birdcages By Carmen Choice of Interchangeable Arch or Playpen Top Styles Bar Diameter: 5/32" I 3.96 mm

Approximate Inside Dimensions H34" x W23" x D 18" Bar Spacing: 1 ~ 1 /4" I 31 .75 mm

Height from floor 60"

Includes 3 manzanita perches and 2 feeders. Other options are available which may incur costs. Shipping is included. Birdcages By Carmen is committed to one fundamental concept: create the highest quality environments to enhance the special relationships between exotic birds and their owners. Some unique features of this cage include the feeder system that is made of medlcal-qrade 304 stainless steel. It attaches to the outside of the bird's enclosure to maximize space inside. Special design features prevent birds from overturning their food or water. This also eliminates defecation into feeders, reducing the chance of bacteria-caused illness.The custom stainless steel dishes are easily serviced from outside the cage for your convenience and are dishwasher safe. The uniquely designed one piece apron extends 4~ 1 /2" beyond the perimeter of the cage to catch falling seeds, feathers and other debris, thereby keeping the surrounding area free from messes usually associated with open cages. The exclusive BirdProof Door Latch pops open with the touch of a finger and locks automatically when door is closed. All enclosures have rings specially designed to accornmodate hanging toys, such as swings. All cages come with a removable ABS Plastic Tray that is lightweight and easily removed and cleaned. There is a lifetime warranty on all welds and workmanship as well as a guarantee that the cage will never rust.

Armed with many of the same features as the

acrylic model, the new AICU is made of the highest quality aluminum, making it even more durable and reliable. This brooder includes the dual digital display and the metal cabinet.

(6) Peru Expedition donated by Rainforest Expeditions.

This expedition for two begins with a transfer from the airport to Puerto Maldonado headquarters. The next stop is the Tambopata River Port and then to the Tambopata National Reserve and Tambopata Research Center. Scientists explain the in-depth biology of macaws, their feeding habits, breeding and feeding ecology and threats to their conservation. This trip includes the opportunity to observe several species of parrots at the macaw clay lick. This expedition features lectures, hiking,canoeing and the once in a lifetime chance to see various habitats supporting rare birds, mammals and unusual frogs. Airfare is not included. Rainforest Expeditions is a Peruvian ecotourism company founded in 1992 by Eduardo Nycader and Kurt Holle with the purpose of combining providing authentic educational experiences that support the conservation of the areas where they operate.