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Eclectus handfed babies:

Vosmaeri, Grand, Solomon Island, Red-sided. Special loving care. $750 males, $850 females, polyoma vaccinations and grooming included. Will ship out of New Orleans. $140 all inclusive. 985-594-5461 Cookie Domangue MAP certified breeder.

Singles: Proven Yellow-naped Amazon male $600, male Senegal $200, female Sun Conure $300, mature female Green-winged Macaw $1,000, proven pair Scarlet Macaws $2,000. All in good feather, will consider trades. Shipping at buyer's expense. Jamie Whittaker ABC Birds 281-852-2600

Stella's Lorikeets: Melanistic and red, unrelated birds available. Parentraised young are brought indoors soon after fledging, becoming quite tame, pets or breeders. Will ship. Call Joe 714- 771-6402. Southern California. "The Birds of Paradise of the Parrot Family"

Rose-breasted Cockatoos: Pairs/ singles. Hand fed from day one. Also Blue & Golds, Scarlets, Green-wings, Sun Conures, Congo Greys, Goffins, Eleanora and Umbrella Cockatoos. Shipping is available. Call for pricing. Mary Ann at 228-369-8001 or 228- 826-4004 Leave message.

Bird Breeder Retiring: Several proven pairs of Double Yellow-headed Amazons and some babies. Proven pair of Umbrella Cockatoos; 3 beautiful male DYH breeders; and 2 proven DYH females. Call Alice 908-237-0557 in New Jersey.

Cockatoos: Slender-billed pair proven by previous owner, breaks eggs, $4200; Slender-billed pair unproven but will incubate $3,500. Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoo pair fertile eggs will incubate $4,000. All in perfect feather and well bonded. Nancy Speed 662-673-8100 or msppatch@

 Hawk-headed Parrots: 03 male hatched here perfect feather $800. 03 hen hatched here okay feather $1,650. Nancy Speed 662-673-8100 or


Regional Directors are needed for the Northwestern and North Central Regions. The Northwestern region covers the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The North Central region covers the states of Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. For further information please contact acting second vice president Mary Ellen LePage at

State Coordinators are needed for several states. Responsibilities of a state coordinator include recruiting new members, representing AFA at fairs/shows, recruiting bird clubs to affiliate, review pending state legislation and regulations as they arise, and serving as a link to club delegates in your state.

Mid-Atlanta Region: District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. Contact Carol Woodson at

Northeastern Region: Massachusetts, New York (East) and Vermont. Contact Linda Rubin at

Southeastern Region: Kentucky. Contact Sharon Dvorak at dvoraknc@

South Central Region: Oklahoma, Texas (North) and Texas (South). Contact Jamie Whittaker at

North Central Region: Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Contact Mary Ellen LePage at

Northwestern Region: Oregon. Contact Mary Ellen LePage at mail@


August 21 & 26, 2007. AFA Board meetings to be held in conjunction with the AFA convention at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport.

August 22 025, 2007. AFA annual convention to be held at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 5711 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. 310-410- 4000 or 800-445-8667. Go to www. for more information.

October 6, 2007. The Long Island Parrot Society presents Parrot Expo 2007 to be held at the Freeport Recreation Center, 130 Merrick Road, Freeport, NY 11530. PARROT EXPO 2007 will be an all-day extravaganza of colorful exotic birds, interactive displays, scheduled demonstrations and workshops and a fabulous array of parrotphernaua ton sale in the huge vendor room. For more information go to

October 27, 2007. Bedford, NH - Birds of a Feather Avicultural Society (BOAF) 20th Annual Show and Bird Mart! Quality Inn and Wayfarer Convention Center 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM. Contact Robert Shields (603) 472-7431 [jl),

Connecticut Parrot Society meets the first Thursday of every month at Wadsworth Glen Health Care & Rehabilitation Center in Middletown, CT. Doors open at 7:00 P.M. for socializing, promptly followed by the CPS presentation at 7:30 P.M. All are welcome to attend. For more information, visit