President’s Message


At least in Arizona it looks as though spring has sprung. The cacti are starting to bloom and their thorns are shiny new, we no longer can see snow capped mountains far in the distance (as in the pictures sent to us from friends in Colorado), and the thermometer has already hit over 90°. In Arizona we usually get only two choices of seasons - hot and hotter (Winter and Summer); and the way we tell when it is Fall is that the license plates on the cars start changing colors (our winter visitors' annual pilgrimage to our Valley of the Sun).

Speaking of choices, I would like to remind everyone that their freedom of choice to keep birds is FIRST of all not free at all and SECONDLY there is still a great throng who would want us to believe it is a "loaned privilege" that should be under government supervision and either limited or even curtailed altogether! How many costly battles has the American Federation of Aviculture entered into on behalf of the belief that we should still have the choice and the right to keep our birds? I'll tell you, there have been more than I can count on my fingers and toes! The rights we enjoy are truly our privilege as long as we continue to keep watch (the AFA Watch Bird) over our birds and those (legislators and special interest groups) who might, and we believe will, continue to challenge our rights and ability to make choices. The American Federation of Aviculture is the RIGHT Choice! Thank you for your continued support.

The other choice I want to mention is inviting you to choose to attend the Annual Convention of the American Federation of Aviculture in St. Louis, Missouri this coming July 30th through August 2nd. This will be the 34th Convention of the American Federation of Aviculture. Many years ago we had only a few choices of bird-related seminars and conventions. In fact the AFA was, for a while, the only convention choice one had. Now there are many choices, as it should be, to attend seminars and conventions. Some can be right in your backyard, so to speak, and others halfway around the world in exotic places. The choice today does not seem to be between right and wrong, but rather between Good, Better or Best time and place.

This year as you evaluate your choices and consider where your sources of support, knowledge and associations may be, please look closely at the convention of the American Federation of Aviculture. Also, I would like you to consider this your personal invitation to the AFA convention in St. Louis from me and the entire Board of Directors, Committees and Staff. I look forward to...