Changes at Save the Gouldian Fund


The Save the Gouldian Fund (STGF) was formed in September, 2005, as a funding body to support scientific research into the causes of the decline of wild populations of the Gouldian Finch across northern Australia. Under the stewardship of Mike Fidler, Elisabeth Fidler, and Marcus Pollard, the concept of a STGF developed to the point where it now provides significant support for the researchers tackling the problem head-on in the field.

Due to changed personal circumstances Marcus Pollard has resigned from his position as general manager of the STGF. We are very grateful to Marcus for the tremendous amount of time and effort that he put in to turning the STGF concept into the reality that it is today.

With the departure of Marcus, several 'new' faces are now working for the STGF to deliver the desired outcomes.

Arthur Orford, Western Australia, has taken over the role of General Manager. He will oversee the day to day operations of the STGF and to liase with individual and club donors. Arthur can be contacted by email at:

David Myers, New South Wales, has been named Communications Manager. He will liase with the various print media publications to promote the STGF and to regularly report on new data coming out of the Gouldian Finch recovery program. David can be contacted by email at:

Chris Baker, New South Wales, will also be heavily involved in the communications area, bringing his artistic talent to the STGF. His work will be seen in many avicultural publications in the months ahead.

Bill Van Patten, Tennessee, will continue in his position as U.S. Communications Officer, coordinating the distribution of media releases and fund raising activities in North America. Bill can be reached at:

Dr Sarah Pryke, together with one of her technical colleagues from Macquarie University, has taken over the role of STGF Web Master. There will be a short delay in website updates as they are currently working on a technology update to improve website performance and navigation. There will also be some new and interesting sections added. Have a look at the site in the coming months at

John Butler, one of the foremost names in Australian aviculturc, retains the role ofSTGF Open Day organiser.

New Initiatives

STGF has recently entered into a joint venture with the World Wildlife Fund that will start within the next two months. Basically this will see fire cells and their associated controlled burning programs being implemented on properties adjoining Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary for the first time since the Gouldian Finch research started. This is the first major step to restoring the Gouldian in the wild. We will report on this initiative in another article.

Another major development will be the shitting in focus of the Gouldian Finch research program from Mornington to Wyndham. The STGF has just negotiated a 21 year lease with Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley on the old Wyndham Town Hall. This is a heritage listed building which had fallen into disuse and was currently being used for storage. Our intention is to refurbish and convert this building to provide facilities and accommodation for up to twenty scientists, including two executive suites, laboratory facilities, and enclosed garaging. Upon completion this complex will be known as the Wyndham Hall Science Village. A more detailed report will be provided in the near future.