2008 AFA Convention—State Basket Winners, Three Day Raffles and Super 8 Winners


State Basket Winners:
Utah—Mary Duma
Colorado—Rockie Mooney
Illinois—Bodil Marc
Virginia—Mary Duma
Washington—Lisa McManus,
Texas—Sonja Watson,
North Carolina—Lisa McManus
Three Day Ra es:
GPS System—Nick Mooney
iPod—Nick Mooney
Kitchen Sink Toy—Adrianne Mock
Fresh Air Purifi er—Lisa McManus
Macaw Clock—Nora Schmidt
Window Seat—Janice Lang
African Grey Music Box—Nora Schmidt
Parakeet Cage—Cindy Ryder
Flamingo Cookie Jar—Marilyn Hawley
Rooster Plate—DeeAnna Andrus
Hagen Visions Cage—Cindy Ryder
Table T Perch—Robert Williams
FurReal Macaw—Brent Andrus
Co rner’s Limited Weaning Cage set—
Robert Williams
A&E Playstand—Matthew Hair

Super 8 winners:
Tanzanita Ring donated by
Pat Chinnici: Shara Lynn Kelsey,
Belize Retreat at Banana Bank
donated by Carolyn Carr:
Tish Walker, Texas
Macaw Print donated by Hidden
Forest Gallery (Gamini and Lisa
Wanda Elder, Tennessee
EZ Care Bow Front Cage donated
by Super Pet:
Georgia Fletcher, Missouri
Octogon 20 Advance EX Incubator
donated by Brinsea Products, Inc.
Rockie Mooney, California
Palm Desert Vacation donated by
Wayne Andrews and Michael
Bonacic: Margie Seufert, Colorado
Bed Quilt handcraft ed and
donated by Sharon Garsee:
Tiff any Latino, California
AICU Brooder donated by
Lyon Technologies, Inc.:
Sharon Garsee, California