2009 AFA Convention, Houston


"Go West, young man, go West"

When Horace Greeley coined that phrase, West was the only direction anyone, young or old could go. While there are those of us who will indeed go West to get to the 2009 AFA Convention, others will have to travel East, North and even South. Whatever the direction, we will all be flocking to Houston, Texas.WOW!

Houston is a place where your other car is a truck. Where men are gentlemen and treat their womenfolk like ladies. Where you can find food representative of any cuisine from anywhere. Where fun abounds whether it is structured or a good ole Texas hoedown.

Most importantly, come August 5-8, Houston is where the bird people will be flocking. People will be coming from far and wide to hear renowned speakers on the topic of birds. They will reunite with people of the same interest, people who have become once-a-year friends.