Cincinnati Zoo Funds In Situ Conservation for Blue-throated Macaws


he Cincinnati Zoo Conservation Committee has provided $1,500 to help kickstart Asociadon Armonfa's new initiative for alternative nest boxes in the 27,000-acre Barba Azul Nature Reserve in Bolivia.

The New Nest Box Program for the Barba Azul Nature Reserve is focused entirely within the reserve in an effort to attract more Blue-throated Macaws to the protected area in El Beni. It is separate from Bird Endowment's Nido Adoptivo ™ project, which places nest boxes on privately owned land that already has BTMs breeding within those areas.

Armonia executive director Bennett Hennessey says "We have a person set up to monitor the nest boxes on the Barba Azul Nature Reserve for the 2014-15 breeding season, so this support will really help."

Steve Malowski, Aviculture Team Leader at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, submitted the internal grant proposal. His efforts over the years have resulted in $4,500 directly to Armonfa's Blue-throated Macaw Conservation Program.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden also has supported Bird Endowment's Nido Adoptivo™ project for five years.