Remembering Sheikh Bin Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Thani


Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation's founder and patron, Sheikh Saoud bin Mohammed bin Ali Al-Thani, a highly ranked member of the Qatar Royal family, died on November 9, 2014 suddenly at age 48 in his London home. He left behind a legacy in so many fields: his artistic twarts were well known to most in the art world. EHile in Qatar as the former minister of Arts and Culture, he setup the stucture for the planned super family of 10 museums- a real Smithsonian in Qatar. He had the Museum of Islamic Art designed by the famous Im Pei coming out of retirement to forge a last amazing structure as a favour to Sheikh Saoud Al-Thani.

Sheikh Saoud Al-THani, brought a cultural marvel toQatar, making it the place it is today. With the aim to educate and bring international, historical culture to the Qatari people, his focus moved to the youth and trying to create a nation that cared about history, showed interest in things of the past and thus questioned the future. With the historical aspect, he didn't want his country left in the past and....