Feathered Beauty At The 2014 AFA Convention


THe birds entered into the show at the AFA in Portland brought wonderful colors and feathered beauty foe everyone to enjoy. The bird shows at the AFA conventions are bosted by Lory League and bring a different style of education, in a different format, along with some fun competition. The bird shows give exhibitors recognition for their part in aviculture, along with educating the exhibitors and the gallery watching the show. Attendees have a chance to see different species of birds in the best condition, and beginners, who are considered a "Novice", get to learn more about exhibiting, and what the judges are looking for.

Lory League researches the area where the AFA Convention is to be held, and attempts to host show divisions which are the most popular in the specific region and which has the best chance of having a large number of entries in the show or species that are not often seen at shows.

This year the bird shows at the AFA Convention included many different species and mutations of Finches, several speies of Softbills and variety of parrot species...