Pirate Parrots- When What We Bought Is Not What We Expected


What kind of parrot is mine?

The wish of many people to have the best pet, the biggest, the most colorful, the rarest, the most beautiful of all take them to do things that are against common sense because of lack of information. In many cases, the end up receiving misleading or just false information.

This is the case of "dyed parrots", birds that are subjected to harmful procedures to make them look like what they are not, or at least, not the species we were told they were. They are fake. This is a very common problem that happens to owners when they decide to get a parrot as a pet. In the daily consultation, we have found a broad list of names given to certain species of parrots that actually neither belong to them nor even exist. Sometimes they just seem not to "fit" with the characteristics of th presumed species.

The incorrect names are just the beginning of a long list of problems that our feathered friends have faced. The names range from such as "Papagayo Parrot....