"The Thing with Feathers"


Sheer numbers and enormous diversity among animals indicate that members of the Aves Class must be earth's most successful animal. There are around 10,000 different kinds of birds inhabiting our planet. That is more than twice the number of mammal species. What is most unique about birds, and which undoubtably has contributed to their success, is that they all have feathers.

Nowhere in nature will you find anything better than feathers. You will not find in the entire animal kingdom a more . versatile and stunningly gorgeous body covering than feathers. They have so many necessary functions that help birds survive and flourish. Feathers can keep birds cool in hot climates and warm in colder climates. They can repel water adn can protect from ultraviolet light, can act as camouflage and can attract mates during breeding seasons, and let's not forget that feathers give most birds the ultimate freedom of flight.

The evolution of feathers started with the dinosaurs, the avian variety of course....