Managing Large, Mixed Species Aviaries


The management of birds in captivity is as varied as the number of aviculturists multiplied by the number of species kept. In most instances, aviculturists use their knowledge of an individual species as an aid in developing a management plan. Some species are best managed in cages, while others require flights. Some will have specific needs for vegetation while others are best managed in unplanted aviaries. In an effort to maximize the number of species kept, we often try to mix several species in one aviary. Zoos and animal parks often further complicate the issue by attempting to reproduce in some manner an accurate ecosystem.

In nearly all instances, mixed species enclosures are almost always a compromise between optimal animal management techniques and some other need such as holding, display or education. To demonstrate this you need only to compare a good private aviculturist with a good zoo collection. In the course of a year, the zoo will produce offspring from a greater number of species than the aviculturist; however, on a species by species basis the aviculturist is likely to have greater success. If the private individual has a pair of Blue and Gold Macaws, they will....