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Unlike the northern states, those of us living in the south have to rely upon more subtle signs of seasonal change. The bird migrations give us hummingbirds at the feeder, waterfowl flocks "honking" in the evening hours and American Robins in our yards. After surviving the heat of the summer, it's time for that last clutch of eggs or the laborious task of getting your birds ready for winter. I'm forgetting another sign of the impending winter ... the aruiual bird showjsale.

On Saturday, September 10th, the Alamo Exhibition Bird Club of San Antonio, Texas, held its 22nd Annual All Bird Show. By the time I had the AFA booth put together, a flurry of activity had enveloped the exhibit hall. Danny Krueger got all my questions answered and Jeannine Wangler found a good home for my raffle table donation. While the vendors hope everyone visiting the hall has purchasing birds andor bird related items on their minds, the fact is that many people venture out just to "network" and see who is breeding what and if the prices are within expectations. After the AFA booth was on its own, I spent some time strolling through the hall, chatting with people and seeing myself what birds were being offered, etc. Right off the bat, I ran into Phil Ashmore selling his homemade line of parrot toys and bird cages. I had just seen Phil at the West Wings of Austin bird show a couple of weeks previously. Seems Phil gets around to many of the Texas bird shows and would be interested in selling AFA Watchbird magazine. Thanks, Phil! After completing my self-tour, I headed to the raffle table where Jean Wangler and Bertha Robles "twisted my arm" into purchasing some tickets. After lunch, Club President and the new APA South Texas State Coordinator Ray Wangler drew the winning tickets.

These bird shows with exhibit rooms don't just happen. They require a staff of hard working volunteers.

Danny Krueger, Show Chairman, seemed to always be in a dead run. I failed to get a photograph of him but doubt my shutter speed was fast enough, anyway! Ray Wangler was first seen at his own booth, then drawing the winning raffle tickets, and finally resurfaced at the loading dock stacking the show benches on a truck! I had a very pleasant conversation with one of the club directors, Jim Tipton, and treasurer Nan Bums.