The Cockatiel Connection The 46th National Cage Bird Show


An impressive exhibition of over 2,352 birds, not counting a couple of hundred sale birds, were benched during the 1994 National Cage Bird Show, held November 17 - 19th in Manchester at the Expo Center of New Hampshire Holiday Inn. A first for the Granite State, or in fact any state within New England, the National "Show of Shows" came to the Northeastern U.S. hosted by the New Hampshire/Massachusetts affiliate, Birds Of A Feather Avicultural Society.

A staggering 229 exhibitors representing 31 states, plus Canada, England, and Puerto Rico, participated in the event. As expected, the largest entry were the combined Canary divisions, supporting 1, 733 entries. The second largest division in the show was the Cockatiel entry with a respectable 174 exhibits, followed by lovebirds with 168 entries, finches and softbills at 157 entries, parrots at 118, and disappointingly, only 2 Budgies turned up for the entire Budgerigar division (currently a renewed effort to contact the Budgerigar exhibitors forthe 1995 National is already underway).

Best in Show went to an outstanding Fawn Parsons Finch, owned and exhibited by Pat and Mary Krichter who received the Pat Scannell Trophy, the highest award in the show. Each of the 14 division winners received the coveted Kellogg Trophy, this year incorporating the outline of the Granite State of

New Hampshire. The Kellogg trophies are sponsored by Kellogg Inc. Seeds and Supplies, manufacturers of a full line of quality bird foods, who have been the sponsor of the Kellogg and Scannell Awards since the National's inception back in 1947.

A host of twenty national specialty clubs who were the sponsoring organizations of the show included the: North American Border Club; American Border Fancy Canary Club; International Gloster Breeders Association; National Yorkshire Club; Norwich Plainhead Club; American Norwich Society; International Columbus Fancy Association; International Fife Fancy Club of America; Old Varieties Canary Association; Lizard Canary Society; Hartz Club of America; Dragon Chapter 22 -American Singers Club, Inc; National Colorbred Association; National Finch and Softbill Society; Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors; African Love Bird Society; National Cockatiel Society; Stafford Canary Club; National Gloster Club; and the National Norwich Canary Club.

This year, the Cockatiel division boasted 174 entries and tied as the fifth largest show ever for the National Cockatiel Society (174 entries were benched at the San Antonio National in 1985; the largest entry being the First Annual NCS Show at the 1984 Chicago National with 244 entries). Mr. Lloyd Bailey of Upton, Wyoming, the newly elected President of the National Cockatiel Soci-


ety, judged the division. The Best Cockatiel win and the Kellogg trophy went to Augie Murray-Young for an outstanding Pearl hen. Second best Cockatiel was a superb Normal Grey hen exhibited by Wendy Lomas-Kruger, with third best in division going to a triple mu ta ti on, Whiteface-Cinnamon-Pearl, exhibited by Dale and Barbara Theeke,

During the show, the 17-member Board of Directors of the National Cage Bird Show, representing many of the above national affiliates, were most receptive to attending a presentation on "Why] oin AFA", followed by a discussion on how restrictive legislation can affect all bird owners, and not just owners and breeders of selected species of parrots, finches and softbills. The point which appeared most crucial to those in attendance was the possibility of restrictive legislation limiting the number of birds kept (e.g., a total of three or four birds per household), which has been appearing in some states. Such future threats, as well as current law, were discussed with interest.

AFA materials, including the AFA Watchbird Fall 1994 CITES Supplement, were distributed to the National board members and a formal invitation was made to all assembled to ask their national specialty affiliates to join AFA and help support the organization which protects our rights to keep birds. It was further emphasized that both individual and group support is vitally needed in order for AFA to remain an effective force for both bird breeders and bird owners who are members of AFA.

The site for the 1995 National Cage Bird Show will be in the heart of the deep South in the fabulous city of New Orleans, at the Radisson Hotel on Canal Street, November 16th through 19th, hosted by the Gulf South Bird Club. Judging will take place on Friday, November 17th. So plan your calendar accordingly and don't miss out on the National, "Your Show ofShows",