AFA in action ... NEWS and VIEWS


Bird Fair in Kansas
Congratulations are in order to the Northeast Kansas Cage
Bird Club in Topeka Kansas on their sue ess at their first annual
Bird Fair held in the Kansas Nat!. Guard Armory on August
20th, 1994. This group of hardworking, bird loving people put a
lot of effort in hosting their very first bird fair. There was a constant
flow of curious people moving through the halls and Presi dent
Joe Bolin has every right to be proud of his group. Pati
Hazell, Kansas State Coordinator, and SIC Regional V-P Richard
Hazell were on hand at Joe' request to represent AFA. Pati
was handfeeding a clutch of Budgies and that caused many curious
people to spend time at the AFA table to see this event. 


Breeders' Connection
. This nonprofit association was formed to provide a link between
breeders across Ameri ca. We encourage domestic breeding
of exotic birds for pets and to help maintain public interest in
ensuring continuation of bird species, especially the endangered.
Information from our breeding research and data derived from
member surveys are presented through our publication, Breeders'
Bulletin, to enh ance breeding success.


6th Annual Mardi Gras
A vi cultural Conference
The Mardi Gras A vicultural Conference brings a unique fl air
to the field of avian education. The conference, hosted by Dr.
Gregory Rich, is held each year 10 days prior to Mardi Gras Day,
the biggest and mo t fun filled party one can imagine. Parades
actually start 14 days prior to Mardi Gras. Each year the conference
highlights ome of the country's most notable lecturers in
the field of avian medicine, aviculture and conservation. Past
speakers have included Drs. Branson Ritchie, Su an Clubb,
Brian Speer, Marge Wissman, Greg Hanison and av iculturists
Rick Jordan , Laurel Ia Desborough and Gloria Allen.
This year the conference brings Dr. Jack Gaskin, Dr. Jeff
Jenkins and Joanne Abramson to New Orleans for an exciting
day of avian education. The date was February 19th. The location
was the Jefferson Orleans South in Metairie (one blo k from
the Landmark Hotel).