Domestic Orange-winged Amazons


Orange-winged Amazons A mazona amazonica are not being bred in many aviaries. Little seemed to be known about their personality traits so in 1991 when I was blessed with four offspring, I decided to track these babies for three years to see how they would turn out.

The babies were spoon feel monkey chow formula and weaned at 12 weeks. The most startling difference between their wild caught parents were the iridescent green of their feathers compared to the dusty green of the parents. Both parents and offspring are given wheat grass powder, are under vita-lites and bathed daily.

The babies were D.N.A. sexed as three females and one male. Two females were put into second generation breeding programs with tame wild caught males, the other two were sold as pets.

Each owner has kept an accurate journal for me and the results have been quite interesting. The offspring without exception have proven to be gentle birds. When provoked they will cry and scream, but have never bitten anyone including young children. The pairs set up for breeding have bonded but are still friendly to their human families although they could not be considered pets. Nest boxes will be put up in April as there is mutual feeding and attempts at copulation.

The two offspring kept as pets are adored by their families. They have proven to be good talkers and mimics. One pet had the neighbors rush over by yelling for help and then laughed saying "I'm a Brat" leaving everyone in stitches. The other pet calls to her owner's five year old child every morning "Dustin! Get your book bag!"

It appears that the babies have about a twenty word vocabulary and although their talkng ability can't rival that of the A ochrocephala, the gentleness of these birds is a consideration when looking for a family pet. The only complaint that has caused problems is mimicry. They appear to imitate everything including the microwave. One baby picked up the cry of the family cockatiel. You can imagine that sound from an Amazon! The cockatiel was placed in another home but Elliot is still letting loose with those screams.

I hope this information will interest Aviculturists in breeding this delightful little Amazon. They appear to make a very stable pet for families with children.