Looking Forward to the Past or ... New Orleans Revisited


In February 1995 the AFA Board of Directors met at the wonderful Raddison Hotel in the heart of New Orleans, the same hotel where the AFA's annual convention will be held this year. Some business was conducted but, as Mardi Gras was in progress, a lot of monkey business took place also. There were all

 sorts of fun things to do and sights to see. l can truthfully say that those who weren't incarcerated had a ve1y good rime. This was probably the most enjoyable AFA meeting that had taken place for years. The joy and celebration will surely be duplicated again this August at convention time.

The AFA's new Drawing Coordinator, Cathy Ford, comes to us with an extensive background in coordinating fund raising drawings and raft1es. She served six years as Drawing Coordinator for the Santa Barbara Bird club, of which she is a founding member. For two years she served in the same capacity for the Ventura County Bird Club where she was also active as club secretary.

In 1994 Ford represented these two clubs as an AFA delegate at the AFA's national convention. It was at this convention that Ford was drafted into service to handle the AF A's drawing when the person holding that position was unable to get to the convention. Her experience as Drawing Coordinator for the national conventions of the Avian Research Fund and the Association of Avian Veterinarians served her in good stead.

This year Ford has introduced a new concept in drawings. Each ticket will have six different prizes listed on it. Alongside each prize is a box. Choose the prize you most desire and put a check mark in the appropriate box. This way you will be in a smaller raffle for the prize of your choice rather than a huge raffle for random prizes some of which you might not even want. Be sure to check only one box. This is a very user-friendly drawing. You need not be present for this drawing so buy all the tickets you want even if you can't make it to the convention.

There will be an additional drawing for those attending the banquet at the convention. In this case you put your name on the back of each ticket. The tickets will be drawn out of a drum and the winner must be present to collect the prize. If the prize is a live bird, it will not be on site but will be shipped to the winner at an appropriate time.