New Finch Society Formed


The \Y/axbill and Parrot Finch Societywas formed in July 19()5 to establish in captivity the estrildids commonly referred to 3S waxbills, parrot finches and, although not mentioned in the name, the non-Australian mannikins, genus Loncbura. In view of countries shutting off export, airlines refusing to carry wild caught birds, and legislation prohibiting the importation of such birds, it is becoming clear that these finches are rapidly vanishing from aviculture. This is particularly true for the CITES III finches, a good example of which is the Green Twinspot, a bird which until a few years ago was commonly found in pet shops but now has practically vanished from aviculture. The purpose of the Society is to disseminate the most up-to-elate information on breeding, including the aspects of behavior, diet, compatability and environment.

We have formed a board of advisors which includes Mike Fidler, co-author of Parrot Finches, the Auiculturist's Guide ; Stash Buckley and Carol Anne Calvin, contributing writers for the AFA Watchbird, authors of the column "Estrildid Finches in Aviculture", and contributing editors for The Estrildian ; Jayne Yantz, Bird Talk magazine's finch expert and columnist; and Dr. Luis Baptista, of the Department of Ornithology at the California Academy of Sciences. Our zoo liaison and organizer of the Species Interest Committee for Estrildid Finches, part of the Taxon Advisory Group for Passerine Birds is JosefLindholm III, a keeper in the Bird Department at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Members are invited to ask as many questions as they wish. These will be answered in the Society's bi-monthly publication, Finch Breeder. Members who have experienced consistent breeding success are invited to submit articles detailing their techniques.

Membership in the Society is $10.00 per year to cover publishing costs. Payment should be made in the form of a check or money order payable to Levin H. Tilghman III, 6419 N. 15th St., Philadelphia PA 19126-3503 .