Raiders of the Rain Forest ~ the 1fagedy of Smuggling


the canopy of the rain forest, usually alive with the sounds of countless species of birds, animals and insects, is often disrupted by the sounds of man's intrusion. If it is not felled in the relentless clearing for pasture and farm use, it is robbed of those plant and animal species for which man has a use or a fascination. The Amazon rain forest may someday be preserved only in memories, pictures, and a few tracts of land of insufficient size to support viable populations of most species. Already, species are vanishing at an astonishing rate.Many are lost before they are even discovered by man, let alone exploited..The smugglers of rare and endan-gered species are hastening the process and compounding the tragedy. Ironi-cally, the same dedicated aviculturists .and zoologists who endeavor to conserve these species in captive populations, are the smuggler's primary...