Wayne E. Smyth


Wayne E. Smyth has been an accomplished, professional artist for more than thirty years. His work has been exhibited in galleries in the United States, Europe, and Africa. Wayne's paintings reflect a true understanding of the birds he captures. Each one is presented in such a lifelike way, that one may think they could reach out and touch them. For the past nine years, Wayne has donated his fine artwork to the American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. and its members. For continued support and generosity, in 2001 Wayne was awarded an honorary lifetime membership in AFA.

During one of Wayne's visits to Hill Country Aviaries, in Texas, he was able to interact with the only remaining Blue-throated Conures (Pyrrh ura cruentata) held in a private collection in the United States. Remarkably, at this same time, the first four chicks produced by this small group of captive birds were growing in the nursery. From this experience, Wayne was able to create two stunning original paintings.

Wayne has proven year after year, painting after painting, that his talent is unparalleled when it comes to capturing parrots in watercolor, as well as many other subjects. In keeping with his continued generosity, once again Wayne has donated two original pieces of art to AFA and its members.

In the tradition of the American Federation of Aviculture, Wayne will be present at this year's con-

vention in San Francisco and his artwork will be auctioned at the closing banquet Saturday evening. Up for auction will be the original painting of the two baby Blue-throated Conures, a one of one giclee print of the adult pair of Blue-throated Conures and one of one gic lee print of the baby Blue-throated conures depicting AFA's 30 years, celebrated in San Francisco, California. All three pieces are museum mounted and professionally framed.

Silent and absentee bids will be accepted for these three incredible items. This first time opportunity is open to everyone. To take advantage of this unique offer, please photocopy and fill out the following bid submission. All bids must be post marked by July 21, 2004. •!•

Because of this significant breeding event with the sole female of this species in private care, and the remarkable challenges facing this thirty-five plus year old hen, it was an obvious choice for the 2004 artwork at this year's convention - Evolution of Aviculture. The original breeding stock, a small group of six birds, represents many of the major accomplishments in aviculture over the past 30 years, and yet also demonstrates how far we still have to go. Be sure to attend this landmark convention. and learn more about these magnificent birds, and so much more.