AFA's IDEA Program: Interactive Display & Educational Animal Program


As active aviculturists, we should all consider educating people about avian life incredibly important. To sustain the AFA's educational mission, we encourage our members to share their love of birds with others in order to increase the exposure of aviculture. This can be done in a myriad of ways and some have already been engaged in this for some time. It is no secret that other organizations with missions of stopping the use of all animals in education have made their way into today's classrooms and communities sp it is imperative that we have a positive presence and are part of the debate. But we have an edge over these organizations: we have live animal ambassadors that engage people of all ages and increase their appreciation of nature and of aviculture.

Offering an educational program with your birds can be either interactive or just a display. Many programs held throughout the country involve conservation messaging where all participants can learn about the fascinating aspects of the many different species with which we share our lives. Many other organizations use outreach programs in order to spread their messaging and we should, too. Including our birds, however, allows people to make a personal and long-lasting connection with birds and it is a great way to educate while having fun along the way!

Program Purpose

The purpose of this program is simple: we want to provide some ideas to those....