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Membership Services and Benefits

All AFA members receive the following benefits:

  • AFA Watchbird Journal - the official publication of the AFA, filled with articles covering topics such as: avian health, nutrition, housing and care, breeding, species profile, conservation, legislative updates and more!
  • Classifieds - You can post and access nationwide ads for exotic birds, bird-related supplies and bird events in each issue of the AFA Watchbird Journal and the AFA Web Page.
  • Traceable AFA Logo Bands - both open and closed bands available from canary to macaw.
  • National Convention Discounts - discounted registration for members. Combining both fun and education, the conventions feature world-renowned speakers, the latest and newest bird products, exciting behind the scene tours and YOU, the member, making AFA's Convention the MAJOR bird event of the year.
  • Legislative Information and Updates - provided on laws and regulations that impact avicultural activities.
  • AFA Exotic Bird Registry - one of the only nonprofit registries for exotic birds in the world
  • And much more!